Jake T Austin Writing A Script “Kings Of Suburbia”

April 16, 2010 • By Home

Jake T Austin is working on writing a script titled “Kings Of Suburbia.” In a recent interview with MTV Jake spilled some deets:

“I’m writing a film [that is] kind of like ‘Stand By Me.’ It is my favorite movie. [My own project is] based on a true story about my cousin… growing up in sort of a rough neighborhood in Florida.”

“I threw in some elements and I took some elements from my life and took some elements from his life and sort of combined them and my overall perspective of growing up, even though I’m not finished yet. We’re in the process of getting financing for it now.”

“I’m thinking about having Mr. [William] Dear direct it. I love working with him and I don’t see why [he wouldn’t do it].”

Mr. Dear directed Jake’s latest film “The Perfect Game,” which you can learn more about here.

Source: moviesblog.mtv.com

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