Will “Ghost Rider 2″ Movie Happen Without Nicolas Cage?

April 26, 2010 • By Home

From the sound of things yes.

While Nicolas Cage starred in the movie “Ghost Rider” and Columbia Pictures has finally moved forward with the rumored “Ghost Rider 2″ sequel film, it sounds like they might be moving ahead without Nicolas in tow.

While Nic has not come out and said whether or not he would like to be in the film, his schedule may not allow for it. He has already signed on to work with Walt Disney Pictures on “National Treasure 3,” a movie that Disney is expecting to be a hit.

Looks like “Ghost Rider 2″ will either have to wait until Nicolas’ schedule clears up or they will have to go ahead without him – and it looks like they will go with the latter decision.

Who would you like to see starring in Ghost Rider 2 while Nic is busy hunting for treasure in “National Treasure 3″?

Did you know that “Ghost Rider” is owned by Marvel, but licensed by Columbia Pictures?

Source: disnology.com

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