Allstar Weekend “Suddenly”

April 28, 2010 • By Home

Hollywood Record’s Allstar Weekend just posted the album cover for their debut CD “Suddenly” along with:

“We JUST got sent our album cover and wanted to share it with all of you before it was posted anywhere else! The album is called “Suddenly” and will be out on June 22nd. We’re so excited! Can’t wait for you all to hear it, and see the rest of the artwork…it’s pretty crazy!”

We recently spoke with the guys of Allstar Weekend, and we wanted to know how they came up with their name! Here’s what band member Zach had to say:

“We were originally called ‘Allstar’ because when we first started this band we were recording the songs and writing them in Nathan’s bedroom and we were trying to make it sound like professional CD recordings and were using cheap recording equipment, so we referenced ‘Allstar’ by Smashmouth. We were huge fans of that song and were trying to make our instruments sound like the tones in that song.”

But “Allstar” is a popular name so the guys decided to add on. Zach adds:

“We wanted to keep the name, but we had to add something to the name. We didn’t want to lose all of our fans by changing our names so we added weekend because weekends are fun!”

Are you excited for AllStar Weekend’s new CD? Read about the guys upcoming tour here.

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