New Allstar Weekend Interview

May 1, 2010 • By Home

Hollywood Record’s group Allstar Weekend took to Twitter to share two new videos of an interview they did where they discuss themselves and their music.

Check out the interview below and let us know if you could ask any member of the group any question, what would you ask?

During our recent interview with the guys we asked Nathan what he was going to do later in his free time. He responded by saying:

“I’ll probably edit videos. I do a lot of editing for YouTube videos. I practice guitar and piano every day. I’ll probably be picking on Cameron and Michael. I do some of the video montages and skits that we [AllStar Weekend] do. I did a dance video with Cameron and I edited that one.”

Allstar Weekend is playing at Bamboozle today! Learn more here.

IMG Credit: Allstar Weekend Facebook Page

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