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May 24, 2010 • By Home

While you can click here for our personal explanation about ABC’s LOST Finale, we want to share some of the LOST fan comments and explanations about the finale episode that have been posted on DisneyDreaming.com:

About why Aaron was with Claire and Charlie in purgatory:

Eric said: “The flash sideways was “created” by the losties. Aaron is there as a baby because it is Claires manifestation not Aaron’s. He like the Kwon daughter have their own purgatory like place. That is not actually Aaron, it is just the memory of Aaron at that time.”

About how the sideways world came to be:

CChapeton said: “When jack dies on the island and looks up he sees flight 815. That 815 WAS the ‘sideways’ reality. Which was in theory created by hugo as a way to get off the island. (remember? Ben tell him to save desmond and that he can run the island however he wants.) So Hugo probably decided to create the ‘sideways’ reality as a way for everyone to get back together, which was Hugo’s role the entire series. He wasnt able to remember, but desmond had special powers, he remembered first and triggered everyone else’s memories.”

Did Kate Austen’s plane make it off the island?

Lynne said: "When they showed the view from above looking down at the island, we saw plane wreckage on the beach. I assumed this was from the original Oceanic crash, but now several viewers have said it was the remains of the plane that Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Miles and Lapidus were on– that it blew up. I have no idea which one it was — anybody else??"

Did the Oceanic Flight 815 travelers die in the original plane crash on the island?

Kate said: “for all of you that believe that they all died in the original plane crash, then how do you explain desmond, penny, juliet, richard, ben, etc?!”

Marion said: “I beleive that they all died in the original crash. They all had nothing before their death, (as Jacob said at the fire) They were all lost souls in purgatory on the island. Their souls finally were reborn into that new life (sideways flash) when they were ready to “Let go” and move on into a life where they wanted to be (their individual heavens) most happy. Then when they finally all reconect and remember their all together in their (combined)heaven. Bens “heaven” is with Alex thats why he wasnt in the church, Ben and/or Alex didnt really have that connection with any of them. Micheal was not a good guy, he did allot of bad things, made wrong choices so he is in hell or still stuck in purg for eternity. Walt prob went to his heaven with his mom.”

Tommy said: “The island is part of purgatory. That’s a lock. Aaron was never born. Walt never went home. They all died either in the plane crash or elsewhere (which explains Desmond, Richard, Ben, and a slew of others who didn’t come from Oceanic 815). The island is no more or less real than the funeral home! That’s so obvious from the polar bears, smoke monster, magical light, etc. The Dharma Initiative was just the same thing for a different group of people at a different time. Not that time means anything here, which was apparent with the flashes. Which are also as real as the island and the alterna-universe. If you simply accept the fact that all of the weird things they experienced were part of their “test” or “mission” to finally let go, you don’t need answers to every single mystery. Case closed.”

Stacy said: “The light on the island was the earthly entrance to Heaven and no one was allowed to get near it until it was their time. You can see the light at the end when Christian opens the door to the church. It was the same light as in the cave just in a different setting. As far as the polar bear and other unexplained things that can be left to your own interpretation. Personally I believe that a place so close to Heaven is bound to have all sorts of miraculous things occur. So it really needs no explanation…I believe Sawyer, Kate and Claire went on to live long lives. A union between Sawyer and Kate is left open to our own interpretation. I believe that Claire was reunited with Aaron and Kate helped her make the transition to being a mother to Aaron.”

Dane said: “They died when the bomb went of at the end of 5. It was at that time that the sideways purgatory began. Anyone who was in that reality was dead as a result of the Nuke. Season 6 was dedicated to all losties coming to realize this fact.”

What is your explanation of the LOST finale?

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