Walt Disney Company Hopes to Sell $2.4 Billion In “Toy Story 3″ Merchandise

June 4, 2010 • By Home

It is being reported that the Walt Disney Company is expecting to make $2.4 billion off of “Toy Story 3″ merchandise this fiscal year. The Toy Story franchise offers a lot of merchandising opportunity for the company and its retailers and from what we have heard and seen already Disney is not leaving any stone unturned when it comes to the products it has created to market the movie and appease fans who have seen the movie.

The Disney/Pixar movie opens in theaters on June 18th, but don’t expect the buzz for the characters, movie or merchandise to fall shortly afterward! Disney plans on releasing as many as four short “Toy Story” cartoons per year for TV and online in order to keep the brand, and fans spending, alive.

Andy Mooney, the head of Disney’s consumer products division, said about the expected $2.4 billion number:

We’re more than halfway through the year so we feel pretty comfortable with that number. It would most likely be our biggest event property ever.

We’ll keep you posted!

Source: Guardian.co.uk

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