Disney Employee’s Dress Code Relaxed

June 20, 2010 • By Home

The Walt Disney Company has relaxed the dress code of its employees at its parks. With the new dress code rules, women who work at the parks are not required to wear pantyhose. Another recent change is that women will now be allowed to wear sleeveless tops – as long as the straps are at least 3 inches wide. Women working at the parks will now also be able to wear capri pants and slingback shoes with open toes. Men working behind the scenes at the park will now be allowed to wear untucked, casual shirts.

The last dress code changes came a number of years ago – these changes included men being allowed to wear mustaches and cornrows.

Disneyland spokesperson Betsy Sanchez said about the change:

We continuously evaluate our appearances. We are trying to stay relevant.

What do you think of these changes to the dress code at the parks?

Source: LATimes.com

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