Disney Pixar “Toy Story 3″ Movie Review

June 21, 2010 • By Home

We headed to the theater over the weekend to watch the new Disney/Pixar film “Toy Story 3” directed by Lee Unkrich. Before the movie began, Pixar’s short “Day & Night” premiered. We thought the short was really fun and well thought out. The characters were interesting and full of emotion and the story was completely original. We thought it was a great pick by John Lasseter for a short to open the much anticipated “Toy Story 3″ film.

The movie opened in a room that has become synonymous onscreen for fun, comfort and love – Andy’s room. However, Andy is noticeably absent and the toys are on a mission to change that.

All of our favorite Toy Story characters are stationed in Andy’s toy box where they have commandeered not only a home phone, but also Andy’s cell phone. They make the call to Andy’s cell and we had our fingers crossed that Andy would find not only his phone in the toy box, but also his beloved childhood toys that he hasn’t played with for years.

The plan works and Andy does find his phone, however, he is not overjoyed to find the toys as both the audience and the toys themselves would have hoped.

It turns out Andy has a lot on his mind right now – he is cleaning out his room and getting ready to go off to college. He packs up his boxes for school, he bags is trash, and he puts his toys in another bag for the attic – except for Woody, who he plans to take to college.

On his way to the attic with the toys, Andy is distracted and leaves the garbage bag full of childhood memories on the ground, where his mom finds it and brings it out to the trash where Woody now heads to rescue his friends.

The toys escape from being thrown away, but refuse to believe Woody that they were on the way to the attic rather than the garbage. The toys manage to get into the trunk of Andy’s mom’s car and pile into a box being donated to the Sunnyside Daycare.

When the toys arrive at Sunnyside they are introduced to all of the highly anticipated new characters, including Ken and Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear who give Andy’s toys a tour of the daycare, which seems so perfect at first, but won’t seem that way for much longer.

Andy’s toys are dropped off in a different play area that is far from the calm and serene room the new TS3 characters are being played with in. The only original character lucky enough to experience this room is Barbie – who Ken takes an interest in.

Andy’s toys are glued, painted, licked and pulled apart by the children in the daycare. When Buzz heads to talk to Lots-o’ about the possibility of changing rooms our heart sinks. It turns out Lots-o’ isn’t the friendly, lovable, huggable bear Disney/Pixar marketed him as. Instead, Lots-o’ is jaded, unhappy and unkind – all because his owner lost him and he felt abandoned.

Because of Lots-o’s negative attitude he derives pleasure from keeping reign over the toys at Sunnyside and, with the help of a reprogrammed Buzz Lightyear, Lots-o’ keeps Andy’s toys locked up! The only hope they have is Woody, who escaped from the daycare and ended up at the home of Bonnie where he met her toys, including Mr. Pricklepants, Trixie, Peas-in-a-Pod, Dolly, Chuckles and Buttercup.

We don’t want to give away much more, but we highly recommend this movie, no matter what your age is. The new characters are a great addition to the nostalgic Disney/Pixar story and the old characters make you love them even more with their attitudes, antics and new adventures.

This movie brings you closer to Mr. Potato Head, where in previous movies his mood may have kept you at bay. Buzz develops a romance, and a fun, new personality that you’ll have to watch the movie to discover. And Woody realizes that his time with Andy was important, but so is the friendships he developed with his fellow toys.

The only disappointment we had for this movie is that Lots-o’ was not redeemed. However, “Toy Story 3″ ends in such a way that if a fourth movie isn’t already in the works we would be surprised – so we’re holding up hope that Lots-o’ will have a change of heart next time around!

Be sure to let us know if you have seen “Toy Story 3″ in theaters, and what you think of the movie!

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