Update About Disney Junior Show “Doc McStuffins”

June 25, 2010 • By Home

We recently told you about Disney Junior’s upcoming new show “Doc McStuffins,” but now we have more information about the animated series.

The show is about six-year-old Dottie “Doc” McStuffins who can communicate with her stuffed animals and toys and she heals them in her backyard clinic.

Nancy Kanter, the Senior Vice President of Playhouse Disney Worldwide, said about the new show:

Helping their kids live a healthy lifestyle is a top priority for parents. ‘Doc McStuffins’ combines every kid’s dream of their toys coming to life with valuable lessons about health and wellness. We are confident that Doc’s relatable warmth and charm will ease young viewers’ natural trepidations about familiar situations, including visiting the doctor, getting shots and taking medicine.

Here is the description of the show from Disney:

“Doc runs her backyard community clinic with the help of Squeakers, an alarmist squeaky toy fish; Hallie, a jolly hippo receptionist; Stuffy, an overly proud stuffed dragon; and Lambie, Doc’s fashion forward best friend lamb. The kids in Doc’s neighborhood aren’t quite sure how she does it, but they believe in her ability to heal their beloved toys. The series models a strong sense of community and the importance of lending a helping hand, or paw, when people and stuffed animals need it most.”

Sounds great! We’ll be tuning in – what about you?

Source: Disney Junior

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