Walt Disney Pictures “The Fox And The Hound” Celebrates Its 29th Anniversary

July 10, 2010 • By

Happy 29th anniversary to Walt Disney Pictures’ super cute movie “The Fox and the Hound,” which originally released on July 10th in 1981.

The movie is about a fox and a hound who make the best of friends even though they are supposed to be enemies. A number of popular celebrities voiced the characters in the Disney movie, including:

- Mickey Rooney as Adult Tod
- Kurt Russell as Adult Copper
- Pearl Bailey as Big Mama
- Jack Albertson as Hunter
- Sandy Duncan as Vixey
- Jeanette Nolan as Widow Tweed
- Pat Buttram as Chief
- John Fiedler as Porcupine
- John McIntire as Grumpy Badger
- Richard Bakalyan as Dinky
- Paul Winchell as Boomer
- Keith Coogan as Young Tod
- Corey Feldman as Young Copper

This movie is so adorable and we can’t wait to watch it again soon to celebrate its anniversary!