Disney’s “A Christmas Carol” Coming To Four Disc Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack

July 29, 2010 • By Home

Ok, how cool is this?

Disney’s “A Christmas Carol” starring the voice of Jim Carrey is coming to a four-disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack. Now we have heard of Disney releasing three disc combo packs, but this is the first four disc combo pack we have heard of! So here’s what would be included in the purchase of the four disc combo pack:

– Blu-ray copy of “A Christmas Carol”
– DVD copy of “a Christmas Carol”
– Digital copy of “A Christmas Carol”
– Blu-ray 3D copy of “A Christmas Carol”

We’re officially psyched!

Disney will also be releasing the movie on a single-disc Blu-ray and a single-disc DVD – all of which will become available on November 16th.

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