Allstar Weekend “Suddenly” Album Review And Giveaway

August 6, 2010 • By Home

We are in love with the new Allstar Weekend album “Suddenly” and we want to give YOU a signed copy of the CD from the guys! Below is our review of the CD as well as the album giveaway!

1. Hey Princess

We can’t stop playing this song on repeat! It has an amazing beat and it makes us want to get up out of our seat and dance no matter where we are listening to it! And of course it’s always great to hear songs about Princesses! “When the movie ends, we could be the ever after. You and I. I’m just a boy and you’re Cinderella. Snow White in blue jeans I’m gonna tell ya, ‘ever you want ‘ever you want I’m down.” We can see this being a popular song for years to come.

2. A Different Side Of Me

This song has a fantastic beat and the lyrics are great! It’s a very inspirational song that can immediately put anyone listening in a better mood. We highly recommend listening to this song if you never have before!

3. Dance Forever

As soon as this song starts playing you should get up out of your seat and start dancing! It’s a super fun and high-energy song with great lyrics and a fantastic and memorable tune. We bet watching the guys performing this song live is amazing!

4. Clock Runs Out

This is for sure a toe tapping and head nodding song that will get stuck in your head for hours. The lyrics are easy to follow along with and are fun to sing! “You need to take time, take time, to clean up the mess, it’s all for the best, I think that you should grow up, grow up and figure it out, what we’re all about, until the clock runs out.”

5. Amy

This is a really cute song about a guy liking a girl named Amy and not wanting to mess anything up by letting her know! “Set on this girl, and I just can’t show it, I’m taking my time ‘cuz I don’t want to blow it, but I can’t get her out of my mind.” Adorable!

6. Journey To The End Of My Life

Here is another dance song for all of you Allstar Weekend fans! The lyrics really make you think about your life and where you want to be a number of years down the road. The song is fun and we are huge fans!

7. The Weekend

We love the title of this song for obvious reasons! Other than the title we love the song itself too! It’s so much fun and it’s very upbeat and it makes us dance in our seat while we listen, and of course we can’t help but sing along! It’s definitely a great song to end the album with.

Sign up for your chance to win an autographed copy of “Suddenly” below. The contest ends on August 14th.

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