Justin Bieber Proactiv Commercial

August 9, 2010 • By Home

Pop sensation Justin Bieber has just signed on as the newest face of the Proactiv acne fighting formula. Here’s what Justin had to say about his new spokesperson role:

This is kind of a way I can give back to my fans, by letting them know I use Proactiv and that it’s really easy – 1, 2, 3 and you’re done. My fans already know I’m just a regular kid, except the stuff about my life that’s not regular… like performing to thousands of kids and always being in the spotlight. But, I know that for a teenager, it doesn’t matter how many people are looking at you, you don’t want acne on your face.

Check out Justin’s first commercial for the product below:

Justin also added about being Proactiv:

I’m definitely someone who suffers from acne. I’m a teenage boy! One time I had a zit on the end of my nose and everybody in my band was calling me Rudolph. And you know, I was laughing about it. But deep down it hurt a little bit. So I use Proactiv so my face doesn’t get like that. Proactiv is a great thing! My parents got acne when they were growing up. And I’m determined to keep myself clear. If I got a face full of breakouts, I would definitely feel really self-conscious and not wanna do photo shoots, not wanna be singing. With Proactiv I don’t have to worry. My fans have been incredible. They’ve been supporting me since day one. And I think letting them know that I use Proactiv could help them deal with their breakouts. Some people might say: ‘Justin Bieber? He doesn’t have acne, why is he doing Proactiv?’ But, you know, it’s about preventing getting acne. Proactiv is the way to go. It just makes you feel so much better about yourself.

Is Justin’s new campaign going to convince you to use Proactiv?

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