Disney Store: Lots-o-Huggin Bear By Thinkway Toys

September 3, 2010 • By

A new Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear from “Toy Story 3” has been introduced to the Disney Store by Thinkway Toys. Here is the description of the lovable bear:

“The sweet-smelling star of Toy Story 3 has a lot to say for himself with this Toy Story Collection: Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear Plush by Thinkway Toys. This accurate replica of Lotso has a soft side and responds to hugs, tickles and your voice!”

Here are the features:

- Dual Talking Toy Bear and Interactive Bear modes
- Features over 45 adorable sayings!
- Give Lotso a hug and he’ll thank you!
- Ticklish feet
- Deluxe film replica from Disney/Pixar’s digital data with movie accurate detailing
- Strawberry scented
- Unique film-inspired package
- Polyester
- 13” H
- Imported
- Requires 2 AA batteries, not included
- Ages 4+
- Includes Certificate of Authenticity
- Part of the Toy Story Collection

This is awesome! Let us know if you buy the new Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear!