The Situation Eliminated From ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars”

October 13, 2010 • By Home

The fourth star to be eliminated from ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” competition was The Situation from MTV’s “The Jersey Shore.” The reality star took to the internet to let his fans know that it was alright that he was going home because he tried his best and he stayed true to himself:

Not afraid! If I get eliminated 2night! I did what I set out 2 do, n that was 2 show you A different side of me, work hard n do The best I could, it’s been a ride! To my fans, I never let yah down! Improved each week, n put my heart out on the floor every time out! If I’m out, I’ll gracefully bow out, knowing I Did my best, shooting4 the stars N walk off like a man, head high, Walk off like The Situation Proudly!

Thanx for all the support! It’s been a ride, an experience, something I’ll learn from and hopefully I have shown the real Situation! The Situation who is who he is n is what you think he is because he is what he sets out to be n what he sets out to be is himself, something special, talented, intelligent, generous, sweet, sexy n all thee above ! What I really meant to say is that I am human! Just like you! Dreams n all!

Goodnight! Sitch GTL , Live! laugh, Love ! N Dream! don’t ever lose ur dreams or goals! Life is a war, lose a battle , but the war is never over! Keep fighting! Situationnation GTL

Are you sad to see The Situation go home?

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