Jesse McCartney “Have It All” Album

October 19, 2010 • By Home

Jesse McCartney has announced that the name of his fourth studio album is “Have It All.” So far Jesse has released one single from the CD, titled “Shake,” which his fans seemed to really enjoy – so we have a feeling the album is going to do great in stores!

Jesse spoke with about the album, saying:

It’s full of sexy, four-on-the-floor beats with big pop melodies… but yet again, some rhythmic, R&B stuff that’s pushing the envelope a little bit more for me as an artist. I wanted to make sure that there were no boundaries. I’m 23, and I wanted to make sure there was nothing boxing me in musically or content-wise.

Below is the track listing for Jesse’s new album:

1. Shake
2. One Night
3. The Writer
4. Club Hop
5. I Think She Likes Me
6. Tonight Is Your Night
7. I Don’t Normally Do This (featuring Tyga)
8. Undo
9. Have It All
10. Mrs. Mistake
11. Seasons (My Love Will Never Change)

Be on the lookout for Jesse’s new album “Have It All” to release early next year from Hollywood Records – exciting!


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