Hilary Duff Talks About Miley Cyrus And The Pressure Of Being A Celebrity

October 21, 2010 • By Home

Hilary Duff spoke in a recent radio interview about the pressure of being a celebrity and constantly being under the spotlight. Because Hilary gained her popularity on the Disney Channel Original Series “Lizzy McGuire” the radio host asked her to comment on Disney’s biggest star Miley Cyrus.

Hilary talked about what it must be like for Miley to be growing up with so many people watching and commenting on her personality and her style, from her clothing to her movies and music videos. She also discusses how when she worked for the Walt Disney Company she would have discussions with her bosses and managers about what was appropriate for her while she was under Disney and what was not.

Hilary assumes that Miley is having the same discussions – however, Miley has pulled pretty far away from the Walt Disney Company, so we’re not sure that Disney looks at her like they have any control over her anymore. What do you think?

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