Jesse McCartney Talks About His Upcoming Album

October 21, 2010 • By Home

Jesse McCartney recently announced the name of his new album would be “Have It All.” The album isn’t set to release until early 2011, but the first single off the album, “Shake,” is available and Jesse’s fans seem to really like it!

Jesse recently appeared on GOOM Radio where he chatted not only about the new album, but also about how his sound has grown from when he first started in the industry to what it is on his new CD. Jesse also talks about how he got his start and how he made the decision to move out to Los Angeles, California and get series about being in the music business.

Jesse seems really relaxed and suave in the interview, especially when he talks to the GOOM Radio host about girls. Check it out below and let us know if you are getting excited for Jesse’s album “Have It All.”

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