Selena Gomez Talks About Her New Album

October 21, 2010 • By Home

Selena Gomez was recently in the United Kingdom where she was promoting her most recent album “A Year Without Rain.” In the interview below you can listen as Selena chats with the interviewer about how “A Year Without Rain” is different from her first album “Kiss & Tell.” Selena worked on both albums with her band The Scene and both albums have a pop/techno vibe that Selena really appreciates and enjoys.

Selena talks about how she hopes that her fans are able to have fun with her music and she hopes her sound gets people out of their seats and dancing with their friends.

Also during her interview Selena talks about which artists in the UK she looks up to and admires as well as which artists’ style she likes.

Listen below and let us know if you could ask Selena anything, what would it be?

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