Taylor Swift Planning Her 21st Birthday Party

October 22, 2010 • By Home

Taylor Swift celebrates her 21st birthday on December 13th and she is working on putting together a Christmas-themed party. Taylor spilled the following details to MTV:

The plans for the 21st birthday probably are going to be winter-themed. I love winter. I love Christmas, and my birthday is December 13… When I was a little kid and I was growing up, they’d always have a Santa Claus guy show up and take everybody’s wishes or what they wanted for Christmas. I’m not gonna do that, but there’ll definitely be lots of Christmas-themed things.

Will Taylor take a drink on her 21st?

Maybe I’ll have a glass of wine – but nothing too hard-core for me. I’ve never had the burning desire to drink. I need to be in control of what I say, and if I drank, I’d stress out about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

We can’t wait to hear Taylor’s guest list!

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