Happy 69th Anniversary To Disney’s “Dumbo”

October 23, 2010 • By Home

On October 23, 1941 Disney released the movie “Dumbo” to theaters. The movie is about a baby circus elephant who is born with huge ears that he must work to use to his advantage, even while he and his mother suffer from humiliation from the other elephants and from the children who visit the circus. With the help of his friend Timothy the mouse Dumbo is able to use his ears to fly!

“Dumbo” was directed by Ben Sharpsteen from a story by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl.

Dumbo” won an Oscar for Best Scoring of a Motion Picture and was nominated for Best Song for the track “Baby Mine,” which makes us cry every time we hear it or see the scene from the animated movie.

The movie was made by the Disney studio for $812,000. It had to be made cheaply because the year before Disney had released two expensive movies, “Fantasia” and “Pinocchio.”

Do you like the movie “Dumbo”? Which scene in the movie is your favorite?

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