Meet Mickey Mouse’s Older Brother Oswald The Lucky Rabbit In “Epic Mickey”

October 23, 2010 • By Home

Walt Disney’s first popular character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is coming back in the new video game from Disney Interactive Studios: “Epic Mickey.” Oswald will star alongside Walt’s most famous creation, Mickey Mouse, in the game. The two brothers must work together to help all of the forgotten characters who are trapped in an unpleasant world.

The video game is releasing exclusively to the Wii console on November 30th and there is also a special edition of the game releasing as well, which comes with a special controller designed to match the theme of the game.

“Epic Mickey” was imagined by Warren Spector, the creative director at the company Junction Point. Take a listen to what Warren and a number of other people who worked on the game have to say about the characters Oswald and Mickey Mouse.

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