Taylor Swift Talks Marriage And Kids

October 28, 2010 • By Home

Taylor Swift recently spoke with Us Magazine about marriage and kids. When asked if she felt any pressure to get married, Taylor answered:

Not really. Not as far as anything in the immediate or general future. I’m not opposed to it. I just don’t think about it! [Laughs.] I don’t focus on pining away for love, because I’m focused on being happy with what’s happening right now.

So what about kids? Is that something Taylor wants?

Oh, well, kids, yes! Later in life, definitely. I’d love to get to a place where I could do what my mom did. But let’s say I’m 30 and still touring: I wouldn’t want to have a family, because I couldn’t balance it. But I really have no idea about the future. It’s so unexpected. Trust me!

As long as Taylor’s happy that’s all that matters!

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