Joe Jonas’ Mom Doesn’t Like His Girlfriend Ashley Greene

October 29, 2010 • By Home

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene, who have been dating since the summer, are inseparable. While the two of them have busy jobs that keep them traveling all over the world they still find time to travel alongside each other and support each other no matter where they are each week. But, will that continue, or will Joe’s mother Denise put an end to it?

A source revealed:

Normally he’s the one calling the shots, but now Ashley’s the one leading the relationship. She’s edgier and older than Joe’s other girlfriends and his mom isn’t thrilled about the situation. They’ve instilled really moral believes in their boys, and Joe has always been the one to push the envelope a little bit. Denise knows her boys are heartthrobs, but she’s kind of nervous of the way Ashley has Joe wrapped around her finger. She’s trying to give Ashley a shot. But things are a little strained.

What we would love to know is how Ashley gets along with Kevin Jonas’ wife Danielle Jonas. Since Danielle has been on tour with the Jonas Brothers and Ashley showed up for a number of the concerts we’re sure the two spent some time together…How do you think that went?


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