Justin Bieber Makes Jay Sean Feel Old

October 29, 2010 • By Home

Singer Jay Sean said in a recent interview with UK’s X Magazine that Justin Bieber, and younger stars like him, make him feel like he’s old – and he’s only 29! Here’s what Jay Sean had to say:

It really does make you feel old. With Bieber, I consider him a friend as we’ve done shows together, but then sometimes I can’t help but feel like his dad. I’m like: ‘Da**, I’m ten years older than you. You were, like, five when I had my first girlfriend.’ It’s just crazy. But it’s good to start young so you can hone your skills, then when you’re older you’ll have this game locked down. I’ve talked to Justin Bieber about this and I’m like: ‘Get in the gym now, practice the skill of the gym, you’ll be buff.’


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