Demi Lovato Deletes Her Twitter

October 30, 2010 • By Home

From the looks of it Demi Lovato has deleted her Twitter account! She has threatened to leave the social networking site before, saying that it was too personal, but this time it seems she may have actually done it.

If you try to go directly to Demi’s Twitter ( it says that the page no longer exists. However, if you search Demi in the Twitter database you will find her profile (above), but there are no Tweets that show up. This probably means that Demi is still in the system since she recently deleted the account, but that soon her account will disappear from the system entirely.

Do you think Demi really deleted her account? Or do you think it was hacked? If she did delete it what do you think the reason was? Was it because her friend Miley Cyrus started the trend? Or was it because Demi was sick of rumors or tired of hearing about her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas?

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