Disney Channel “Avalon High” Recap

November 12, 2010 • By Home

On November 12th the Disney Channel aired a new Original Movie, “Avalon High.” The movie is based on the book by the same title written by Meg Cabot.

The movie opens with a jousting match on the beach, but it turns out to just be a dream the main character, Allie Pennington, played by Brittany Robertson. Allie and her family have just moved and Allie will be attending Avalon High School where her parents are professors of Medieval Literature.

When Allie goes for a run she bumps into Gregg Sulkin’s character Will Wagner. Allie flashes to another day dream of herself offering a goblet of water to a Medieval Will. After she snaps to and walks away from him she turns back and he’s gone.

Will walks into school on Allie’s first day and saves his Miles (Joey Pollari) from being bullied by the character Marco, played by Devon Graye, who is actually Will’s step brother.

Will is the quarterback on the track team and he is dating Jen, (Molly C. Quinn) and his best friend is Lance (Christopher Tavarez).

All of the main characters end up in Mr. Moore’s class (Steve Valentine). They are assigned different topics about King Aurthur and his court. Allie is assigned to work with Miles, who shows up at her doorstep to work on their project that night even though it isn’t due for three weeks.

Miles and Allie are assigned the topic “The Order of the Bear” which is about how there are a group of people who are sure that the knights of Camelot will one day live again. If Aurthur isn’t found soon then some believe everyone will be sent back to the dark ages – including Allie’s mom.

Allie wakes up in the middle of the night to read about The Order, and we’re pretty sure that some weird events are going to start happening at Avalon High!

Does anyone else thing Allie (Brittany Robertson) reminds them of Bridgit Mendler, from the Disney Channel Original Series “Good Luck Charlie”?

Uh oh, Allie catches Jen and Lance getting close! This sounds to us like the love triangle between Aurthur, Genvieve and Lancelot.

Will has dinner at Allie’s house and her parents seem to love him. They all share some “friend burgers” and her parents quote King Aurthur. Will really seems to be starting to like Allie, and you can tell Allie likes him!

Yet again Allie catches Jen getting close with Lance at a party. Jen talks to Allie about how their relationship is like the one of Genvieve and Lancelot and how telling Will right now would be a bad thing because he would lose all faith in everything and everyone, just like Aurthur did in the Medieval times.

Allie is still having flashes of everything around her being similar to King Aurthur’s time and then everything flashes back to how it really is.

Will reveals to Allie that he wants to be President – now it seems she is seeing him more and more as King Aurthur. We’re just waiting for things to change over for good rather than just seeing flashes now and then from Allie’s perspective.

Allie and Miles find a hidden page in “The Order Of The Bear” book. They find out that the night of the big football game is also the same day that there will be an eclipse meteor shower, which happens every 1,000 years. But will Marco destroy Will/Aurthur before he can become the leader he is supposed to become? And now our suspicions are confirmed, Miles is linked to Merlin, and that’s why he is getting the visions of the future.

Mr. Moore accuses Will of cheating on the test after he finds a cheat sheet stuck to the bottom of his shoe, which we assume was put there by Will’s step brother Marco.

Allie tries to tell Will that he is like King Aurthur, but he gets distracted by Jen walking by and leaves the conversation.

Ok, so Allie now told Mr. Moore about thinking Will is Aurthur, and now we’re thinking that Mr. Moore may be the bad guy! As nice as he seems, we’ve had a weird feeling about him from the beginning and his name is close to Mordred than Marco.

Will shows up late to the football game while Allie and Miles watch the sky for the meteor shower. The lunar eclipse and the meteor shower happen and the football game continues. After a break in the game Will has to run back to the locker room because he forgot his helmet – uh oh, we feel like something bad is going to happen.

It turns out Marco took him to the school theater, but Marco was injured by someone – Mr. Moore? Marco was trying to warn Will about Mr. Moore, who did turn out to be Mordred. Yikes!

It turns out that Marco’s father was in the original Order of the Bear and Marco swore to protect Will and carry on the order. As this conversation is happening Mordred raises from where he was pushed and he is covered in armor and has powers. This could be trouble!

Allie is King Arthur! Well we didn’t see that coming.

The fake sword Allie grabs in the theater turns into a real, magic sword, Excalibur, and all the sudden we are back to the jousting match on the beach between Allie and Mordred. And now all of the knights are fighting as well.

It turns out the staff that Mordred was using was actually Merlin’s (Miles). He reclaims his staff and now Mordred has to fight strictly with his own powers and a sword.

Everyone is all the suddenly back in the theater. Mr. Moore is taken away by a security guard and Will heads back to the football game. Will gets a touchdown and wins the game for the team so they can go to state!

Will and Allie share a kiss to celebrate the win – aww!

Allie and her knights all meet at the round table, all dressed in armor and Medieval attire. They all draw their swords and put them together on the table to show their bond.

Did you like “Avalon High”? Share your review of the movie with us here in the comments section below!

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