Joe Jonas Ignores Question About Ashley Greene Engagement

December 3, 2010 • By Home

Joe Jonas was asked by the paparazzi if it was true that he was going to ask girlfriend Ashley Greene to marry him over the holidays, but Joe made a dash for his destination after getting out of his car and didn’t think twice about answering the paparazzi.

And who can blame him? Especially if the rumors are true and he will be asking Ashley – she should be the first to know!

So…do you think Joe will pop the question? Or do you think this couple has a few more months to go before it gets THAT serious?

Ashley recently spoke with Cosmopolitan Magazine about her views on marriage, saying:

I’m indifferent about marriage. I think sometimes people get married so they can say they have that person forever. But a ring doesn’t ensure that you’ll stay together. Watch, now that I’ve said that I will be the first of my friends to get married!


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