Disney’s “Magic Kingdom” Movie Update

December 8, 2010 • By Home

Disney’s “Magic Kingdom” movie is currently in development and its director Jon Favreau appeared on the radio talk show GEEKTIME to talk about the film. Here’s what he revealed about the plot of “Magic Kingdom,” saying it is

essentially [about] a family caught in Disneyland, bringing all of the attractions to life. I really want to plumb the depths of the history of the park because it’s a place I love to go a few times a year.

We have a feeling Jon will be spending a bit more than a few days at the park the next couple of years while they make the movie!

Jon also added the following about the vibe of the movie:

I want to make it a little bit spookier like the old Disney movies were and try to really capture that tone. This is something that I’ve always been drawn to and now to say ‘What characters do you want to use and how do you not make it Space Jam or like the Christmas parade with every character?’ How do you show restraint and how do you make it tie into the emotional development of the characters?

Jon has a really exciting job ahead of him, and in order to plan for it he has been watching every Disney movie ever made, in order!

We can’t wait for this movie!

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