Disney Channel Orders New Show “Gravity Falls”

December 14, 2010 • By Home

The Disney Channel has ordered a new animated television show called “Gravity Falls.” The show is a comedy about twins Dipper and Mabel Pines who are thrown into the mysterious town of Gravity Falls, Oregon for the summer when their parents send them to stay with their Great Uncle Stan (aka “Grunkle Stan”).

In Gravity Falls Stan is in charge of running The Mystery Shack, which is a tourist destination that overcharges unlucky visitors for a glimpse at the world’s most bizarre museum. But Dipper and Mabel soon realize that there is something strange going on and they must work together to find out what it is!

The show is set to air on the Disney Channel in the Spring of 2012, so we have a while to wait before we will be able to see the first episode. “Gravity Falls” is being executive produced by Alex Hirsch, who currently serves as a creative consultant on “Fish Hooks.”

Source: Disney Channel

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