25 Days Of Disney Products: Disney Carriage Doll Playset

December 16, 2010 • By Home

Last night we put together the Disney Carriage Doll Playset, which is the perfect playset to accommodate your favorite Disney Princess Dolls!

The carriage is beautiful on its own, but you’re in for a surprise when you open each side and the carriage magically transforms into a pretty room for your doll!

The room is complete with a canopy bed, mirrored vanity table and wardrobe chest where you can keep your Disney Princess Dolls extra clothes, hair brushes and accessories! There’s even two super cute hangers so you can hang up your dolls outfit changes.

This is the perfect gift for any young girl, which is why it’s a part of our 25 Days of Disney Products list. It may have taken a bit of effort to put it together (we recommend setting it up before you give it as a gift), but once it was all put together we couldn’t help but play with all the compartments, make the bed with the beautiful blanket included with the set, and tie bows around the canopy and window curtains.

There is even a super cute light next to the vanity that takes AAA batteries and turns on to light up your dolls face as she gets ready for the ball.

Let us know if you have the Disney Carriage Doll Playset and what you think of it!

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