25 Days Of Disney Products: Toddler Rapunzel With Enchanted Vanity

December 18, 2010 • By Home

In honor of the new animated movie “Tangled” from Walt Disney Pictures we have added the Toddler Rapunzel with Enchanted Vanity doll set to our 25 Days of Disney Products list. Here is what is included in the set:

– Toddler Rapunzel Doll
– Vanity Table
– Chair
– Tiara
– Hair Extension
– 2 Hair Barrettes
– Brush
– Pascal Figurine

Here is the description from the back of the box:

“Pretty young Rapunzel likes to look her best. Help her get ready for her exciting adventures at this charming vanity table that lights up with a magical sound any time Rapunzel comes near.”

If you know someone who loves playing with dolls and accessories you should definitely consider getting them the Toddler Rapunzel with Enchanted Vanity set. The doll is adorable, and her hair is so long and fun to brush and style – especially since the set comes with a special hair extension you can clip in!

The fun music Rapunzel creates when she sits at the vanity to set her tiara on her head, put in her hair clips and brush her hair, all with the help of her chameleon friend Pascal, is so fun and exciting and will keep anyone entertained for hours.

The Toddler Rapunzel doll is also the perfect companion on car trips, plane trips, or trips to relatives homes for the holidays.

We think this set is so cute and so much fun, and it definitely brings the magic of Disney’s “Tangled” into any home. We highly recommend it!

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