Is Jasmine Villegas Trying To Get Back At Selena Gomez?

December 19, 2010 • By Home

Ever since Justin Bieber’s interview with Barbara Walters as part of her Most Fascinating People special, we all know that Justin did in fact kiss Jasmine Villegas in the back of a car. Now, we’re assuming this wasn’t the only kiss the duo shared during their time together on Justin’s My Worlds tour, but Justin insisted in his interview with Barbara that he is single.

Lately, Justin has been spending a lot of time with Disney star Selena Gomez, from the Disney Channel Original Series “Wizards of Waverly Place.” Selena has been previously linked to Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner.

Funny, isn’t it, that as soon as Justin begins spending time with Selena, Nick Jonas announces he is working on new music with Jasmine Villegas and photos of the two of them spending time together in the studio surface online.

Now this could just all be coincidence… Thoughts?

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