Disney Channel “Good Luck Charlie” Episode “Driving Mrs. Dabney”

December 25, 2010 • By Home

A new episode of the Disney Channel Original Series “Good Luck Charlie” will air on January 30, 2011 titled “Driving Mrs. Dabney.” In the episode it’s almost Teddy’s birthday, but Bob refuses to take her out to practice driving. So to get practice, Teddy volunteers to drive Mrs. Dabney around.

Also in the episode Gabe brings home a lost dog and while Amy isn’t happy about it at first, she soon changes her mind and likes the dog. Amy is heartbroken when the dog’s owner comes to get him.

Actors in the show include:

– Bridgit Mendler as Teddy
– Jason Dolley as PJ
– Bradley Steven Perry as Gabe
– Leigh Allyn Baker as Amy
– Eric Allan Kramer as Bob
– Mia Talerico as Charlie
– Patricia Belcher as Mrs. Dabney

“Driving Mrs. Dabney” was written by Dan Staley and directed by Bob Koherr.

Source: Disney Channel

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