Disney XD “Ultimate Spider-Man” Update

January 2, 2011 • By Home

Later this year Disney XD will begin airing a new show titled “Ultimate Spider-Man.” The producer of the series, Paul Dini, spoke in a recent interview about the cartoon, stating:

[Ultimate Spider-Man is] going ahead. Having a great time on that, and I’m working with some old friends from the Batman days on that. Coming up with a look for the Spider-Man show, I think it’s really going to take people by surprise. It’s going to take people by surprise as much as the Batman show in the early 90s took comic fans by surprise. And yet at the same time it feels very right and it looks very right. And I can’t really say anything more about that or Jeph Loeb will be after me.

Are you excited for “Ultimate Spider-Man” to air on Disney XD?

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