Disney’s “TRON 3″ Teaser Trailer May Appear On The “TRON: Legacy” Blu-ray And DVD

January 27, 2011 • By Home

It is being rumored that the teaser trailer for “TRON 3″ may appear on the “TRON: Legacy” Blu-ray and DVD. Disney has not officially announced the “TRON 3″ movie, but it has been assumed that since the “TRON: Legacy” movie did so well in theaters it is a strong possibility that a third movie in the franchise might be made.

Do you think Disney will end up making a “TRON 3″ movie? If so, do you think it’s possible that a teaser trailer for the film will arrive on the “TRON: Legacy” discs?

Also, if Disney does make a “TRON 3” film, would you see it in theaters?

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