Disney Channel “Fish Hooks” Episodes “Big Fish” And “The Tale Of Sir Oscar Fish”

January 29, 2011 • By Home

On February 4th at 8:30pm ET/PT the “Fish Hooks” episodes “Big Fish” and “The Tale Of Sir Oscar Fish” will air on the Disney Channel. In “Big Fish,” Milo joins Bea in her new exercise class, but she is embarrassed when he’s the weakest fish in the class. Milo enlists Jumbo Shrimp’s help in an effort to become stronger using a secret method, which ends up backfiring!

While in “The Tale Of Sir Oscar Fish,” Oscar has an accident and wakes up in what he thinks is a fantasy novel. He meets medieval equivalents of everyone at Freshwater High, but things get bad when Oscar takes on a deadly mission against a dragon and ends up realizing that he is in the real world and not a fantasy! The episode originally aired on December 17, 2010.

Will you be watching?

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