Disney Pixar “Cars 2: The Video Game”

February 16, 2011 • By Home

Disney Interactive Studios announced that Disney/Pixar’s “Cars 2: The Video Game” would be available this summer! The game allows players to enter the Cars universe with a spy theme. Hang out with your beloved “Cars” friends in a new spy adventure that includes world-class racing games inspired by the upcoming Disney/Pixar “Cars 2” animated movie.

In the game you can choose from over 20 characters that you can train to become world class spies. You will have to participate in a number of missions using high-tech gadgets to fight, and defend yourself from, your enemies! There will also be a free-play game option.

Jay Ward from Pixar Animation Studios said the following about the new game:

Cars is one of Pixar’s most successful and treasured franchises, so we are thrilled to be working with Avalanche Software again to extend our creative vision of the Cars 2 universe into the interactive medium. Avalanche Software has the technology, experience, and history in working with us to create the best-looking Cars video game to date.

“Cars 2: The Video Game” will be available on the following video game platforms:

– PlayStation 3
– Xbox 360
– Wii
– Nintendo DS
– Mac
– PC

Does this sound like a video game you want to get your hands on?

Source: Disney Interactive Studios

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