Miley Cyrus Is Mad At Billy Ray Cyrus For GQ Interview

February 18, 2011 • By Home

Yikes! According to a source Miley Cyrus is upset with her father Billy Ray Cyrus for the in-depth GQ interview he gave recently where he bashed the Disney Channel Original Series “Hannah Montana” that made Miley the star she is today, saying it tore his family apart.

Here’s what the source, who is reportedly a friend of Miley’s, had to say:

To say Miley is angry is an understatement. She’s furious that her own flesh and blood would make a private matter so public. Who does he think he is, Michael Lohan? This isn’t what a father does. He never said a bad world about ‘Hannah Montana’ all those years it made millions for the family, and now that Miley has turned 18 and is making her own decisions, he does this. Unforgivable.

The source also revealed that Miley and Billy Ray haven’t spoken since December – yikes! Thoughts?

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