New Characters Added To Disney’s Star Tours: The Adventure Continues Attraction

March 2, 2011 • By

Disney has announced a number of new characters in Disney’s revamped Star Tours: The Adventure Continues attraction, which will re-open at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios on May 20, 2011. No date has been set for the re-opening of the ride at the Disneyland park.

Here are some of the characters we will see in the ride:

- R2-D2
- C-3PO
- AC-38
- Aly San San
- Darth Vader
- Stormtroopers
- Skytroopers
- Boba Fett
- Yoda
- Admiral Ackbar
- Princess Leia
- Chewbacca

Are you excited to see the newly redone ride?