Demi Lovato Gets “Stay Strong” Tattoo To Thank Fans

March 16, 2011 • By Home

In this new video message to her fans Demi Lovato says that she got her new tattoo for her fans in order to thank them for all of the support they showed her while she was getting treatment for personal and emotional issues she was having. Along with the tattoo, which spans over both of her wrists and reads “Stay Strong,” there is a smaller tattoo of a heart on one of her wrists.

Demi explains that the heart was something her fans were drawing on their own wrists, and some even got tattooed there, while Demi was away. Demi wants her fans to know she appreciates everything they do for her and that every time she looks at her wrist she will remember what they did for her.

What do you think of Demi’s ink?

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