Justin Bieber Wants To Play Oliver Twist

March 22, 2011 • By Home

Justin Bieber revealed during an interview with The Sun that he would love to play the character Oliver Twist in a new remake of the film. Here’s what Justin had to say about how the place he grew up would help him with the part in the movie:

That place was really dirty. We had mousetraps everywhere because there were mouses – uh, mice – in the house. I didn’t have a real bed. I slept on a blue pull-out couch in my room. We didn’t have anything in the fridge, except maybe luncheon meat for school and macaroni and cheese. I’d love to play Oliver Twist.

So, can Justin pull off an English accent for the role?

I can do it a little bit but I’m not amazing at it. When I try it, it sometimes comes out a bit Australian.


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