Disney’s “Lemonade Mouth” Soundtrack Review

April 11, 2011 • By Home

On April 15, 2011 the Disney Channel Original Movie “Lemonade Mouth” will premiere at 8pm ET/PT. Before that though, you can pick up the “Lemonade Mouth” soundtrack in stores April 12, 2011. The album features original songs performed by the cast of Lemonade Mouth, the band portrayed in the movie.

The movie “Lemonade Mouth” is based on the book by Mark Peter Hughes and tells the story of five kids who meet in detention and form a band. The band resonates with students who are sidelined by the school elite, but not everybody is ready to cheer on Lemonade Mouth, especially since the band Mudslide Crush is trying to win the Rising Star music competition at Mesa High!

Stars in the movie include:

– Bridgit Mendler (“Good Luck Charlie”) as Olivia White
– Adam Hicks (“Zeke and Luther”) as Wen Giford
– Hayley Kiyoko (“Wizards of Waverly Place”) as Stella Yamada
– Naomi Scott (“Life Bites”) as Mohini
– Blake Michael as Charlie Delgado

Here is the “Lemonade Mouth” soundtrack tracklisting along with our review of each song!

1. Turn Up The Music – performed by Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, Naomi Scott, Hayley Kiyoko and Blake Michael

This song has a super catchy beat and fun lyrics. The song puts you in a great mood and gets you ready to listen to the rest of the songs on the album! We like that so many of the Lemonade Mouth band members sing on this track. We bet this will be a very popular karoke track for fans of the “Lemonade Mouth” movie.

2. Somebody – performed by Bridgit Mendler

We are huge fans of Bridgit Mendler’s voice and love that it was recently announced that she was signed to Hollywood Records. Chances are that her work on “Lemonade Mouth” played a big role in that decision. This song has already been released as a single for the movie and chances are if you listen to Radio Disney you’ve heard it! The song is much slower than the first song on the album, but it has a great message.

3. And The Crowd Goes – performed by Chris Brochu

This song is more of a rap and it will definitely get you up and out of your seat dancing with its foot-tapping beat and energizing lyrics that are easy to memorize and sing along with.

4. Determinate – performed by Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, Naomi Scott and Haley Kiyoko

This is the second single that has been released to promote the movie. The song starts off slow, but when it gets going it makes you want to start singing along! You can check out the “Determinate” music video below with a scene from the upcoming “Lemonade Mouth” movie. It looks like so much fun!

5. Here We Go – performed by Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, Hayley Kiyoko

This is a great anthem for the movie, which is all about speaking out about what you believe in and working to make a change. The instruments make this song really fun and of course we love that a bunch of the Lemonade Mouth cast sing on the track.

6. She’s So Gone – performed by Naomi Scott

This song is high energy and is a great song about changing who you are and becoming a stronger individual. We love the message of the song and can’t wait to see how it is used in the movie.

7. More Than A Band – performed by Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, Naomi Scott, Hayley Kiyoko and Blake Michael

This song is a bit slower than most of the other tracks on the album. We love the melody and it’s a great song to close your eyes and take in as there is a lot of emotion in the music. This is one of our favorite songs on the soundtrack.

8. Don’t Ya Wish U Were Us? – performed by Chris Brochu

This song has a great beat and has some hilarious lyrics. It’s a great song to sing along to and we can’t wait to see the scene in the movie that it’s in!

9. Breakthrough – performed by Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, Naomi Scott and Hayley Kiyoko

We hope this is the third single to be released from the “Lemonade Mouth” soundtrack! It reminds us of a bunch of the top 40 songs that play on the radio and it has a really fun dance beat to it! This is one of our favorite songs on the album.

10. (Bonus Track) Livin’ On A High Wire – performed by Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks and Naomi Scott

We’re loving this bonus track on the soundtrack! It’s high energy and a great song with fabulous lyrics. We can’t help but hum along and of course we love that these three artists came together on yet another song on the album!

Be sure to let us know if you pick up the “Lemonade Soundtrack” when it arrives and if you are looking forward to watching the “Lemonade Mouth” Disney Channel Original Movie!

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