Kelly Osbourne And Sharon Osbourne Talk Billy Ray Cyrus And Miley Cyrus

April 19, 2011 • By Home

Kelly Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne recently spoke out about Billy Ray Cyrus’ magazine interview in which he bashed the Disney Channel Original Series “Hannah Montana” saying it destroyed his family and caused his daughter Miley Cyrus to act out. Here’s what Kelly told CNN host Piers Morgan:

I think that’s a really inappropriate thing for someone to say, especially when what they did together gave that person their career back and that’s not fair to do that to their own child. I think it’s an inappropriate thing to say…He might have thought of it in a different way but in black and white it seems just so harsh… I love Miley, she’s a dear friend of mine, and I know how hard she works. She works so hard and I just think that discredits everything that’s she’s done in her life – not just for herself but her whole family and I just think it’s disrespectful.

Kelly’s mother Sharon agrees, saying about whether or not she thinks Billy Ray’s actions were inappropriate:

I do too, and I don’t think he should have done that in print… She [Miley Cyrus] made him relevant again.

Do you agree?

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