Billy Ray Cyrus “I’m American” Album Review

June 29, 2011 • By Home

Billy Ray Cyrus‘ new album “I’m American” released on June 28th and as the title suggests, it is all-American music! There are eight tracks on the album, and each one is more patriotic than the last. “I’m American” was released by Buena Vista Records, so Billy Ray is sticking to his Disney roots on this one.

Here is the “I’m American” track listing:

1. Runway Lights
2. We Fought Hard
3. Keep The Light On
4. Stripes And Stars
5. I’m American
6. Old Army Hat
7. Nineteen
8. Some Gave All

The track “Runway Lights” is the theme song to Billy Ray’s upcoming TLC show “Surprise Homecoming,” which premieres in July.

Billy Ray’s new album was inspired by his 2009 USO tour in Iraq and Afghanistan in which Billy Ray performed for the troops. You can tell that each of Billy Ray’s songs on the album is geared toward military members and their families. Each song has a message and the entire album lifts your spirits and exudes a feeling of hope.

The album came out at the perfect time – right before the fourth of July! Be sure to pick up Billy Ray Cyrus’ “I’m American” CD to play during the holiday and let us know what you think of each of the tracks on the album.

I’m American – Billy Ray Cyrus

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