Will Demi Lovato Appear On “So Random” As A Musical Guest?

July 7, 2011 • By Home

“So Random” actress Allisyn Ashley Arm revealed to Celebuzz that she hopes that the original star of “So Random,” formally titled “Sonny With A Chance,” Demi Lovato will come back to the show as a musical guest. When asked whether or not she has been in contact with Demi, Allisyn responded:

We’ve reached out to Demi and her family and we wish them all the best and we support her 100 percent. I haven’t seen her recently, but I know she’s doing well. Tiffany [Thornton] from the show, she keeps in touch with her. I hope Demi does a musical performance at some point that would be incredible, but I don’t know that [anything is planned] so far.

Would you like to see Demi on “So Random”?

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