Has Disney Completely Dropped Demi Lovato?

July 31, 2011 • By Home

As far as we know Demi Lovato is still signed to Walt Disney owned Hollywood Records, but aside from that she isn’t anywhere within the Disney company anymore. Her Disney Channel Original Series “Sonny With A Chance” changed completely in order to deal with the loss of the star from the show, changing its name to “So Random” and eliminating any plotline that had been built while Demi was involved. In addition, Demi’s new song “Skyscraper” may be getting rave reviews and be playing on a number of radio stations around the country, but Radio Disney isn’t one of them.

While Demi’s ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas’ new song “See No More” has been in the Radio Disney Top 30 Countdown, Demi’s song hasn’t made it there yet – and there’s no way the song isn’t be requested as much, if not more, than Joe’s.

So, does this mean that Demi’s Disney career isn’t salvageable after entering treatment late last year? We imagined Disney had a cut-off point for what they would tolerate from their stars, however we thought that since Demi has come back as a strong role model that Disney would embrace her with open arms – perhaps not as a figure on the Disney Channel, but at least as a musical artist on their radio station. However, it seems that keeping her on as a Hollywood Records artist is where they draw the line…


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