Demi Lovato Has To Choose Which Songs Will Appear On Her New Album

August 3, 2011 • By Home

Demi Lovato has been busy working on a new album for a while now, and finally it is time for her to figure out which of the tracks she has recorded will make it onto the CD. Demi has recorded 20 songs, which can’t all fit on the album, so she probably has to cut it don to around 10-13. That must be so tough for her, since we’re sure most of the songs have a lot of meaning that go along with them for the former Disney star.

Here’s what Demi Tweeted to her fans about choosing the tracks for her album:

20 something babies (songs) and now I have to decide which ones I love the most.. This is so hard. #realtalk

Good luck Demi, we can’t imagine this is easy!

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