“Good Luck Charlie” Episode “Amazing Gracie” August 7, 2011

August 7, 2011 • By Home

A new episode of “Good Luck Charlie” will air tonight, August 7th, on the Disney Channel. The episode is titled “Amazing Gracie.” Here is the episode description:

“Though it was hard at first, Teddy finally manages to buy Gracie a beloved used car from Ivy’s dad. However, when it gets wrecked almost immediately, Teddy hosts a ‘car funeral’ to celebrate the life of Gracie so Harry can get some closure and move on. Also, Amy expects the separation will be hard for Charlie on her first day of preschool, but when Charlie handles it surprisingly well, Amy decides to plan a memorable ‘Charlie and Mommy Day’ to give Charlie the best day of her life so she will be really sad the next time Amy drops her off at school. Meanwhile, Gabe and PJ set out to find Bob a friend to go fishing with so they won’t have to.”

Actors in the episode include:

– Bridgit Mendler as Teddy
– Jason Dolley as PJ
– Bradley Steven Perry as Gabe
– Leigh-Allyn Baker as Amy
– Eric Allan Kramer as Bob
– Mia Talerico as Charlie

Will you be watching at 8pm ET/PT?

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