David Banner Discusses Working With Justin Bieber And Chris Brown On “Ladies Love Me”

August 13, 2011 • By Home

Rapper and producer David Banner spoke with Rolling Stone about the collaboration between himself, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. He says the song “Ladies Love Me” came about spur of the moment! Justin and Chris were in the studio together and David walked in to check on the progress of Chris’ album. When the duo saw David they turned to each other and said that he should make the beat for their new track!

Here’s what David revealed about “Ladies Love Me,”

Justin got in front of the mic and smashed. There were a couple mistakes but he went through the flow on the initial recording, the fast-rapping, in one take. Everybody in the studio was standing there with their mouths open…I hope that people can feel the friendship that Justin and Chris have on the track. You can tell they really look out for each other.

Are you a fan of the song “Ladies Love Me”?

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